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LifThor RC Pro for DJI RC Pro

LifThor RC PRO is the most complete accessory you will ever get for the DJI RC Pro Controller. Made in 100% aluminium

This product has a split base. The "neck" with the mounting bracket for monitors etc, can easily be removed with just 1 thumb screw in less than 10 seconds so your unit can be stored in most designated cases without any fitting problems.

Examples of what you can mount on the LifThor RC PRO Utility Bracket:
External Monitor via HDMI connection - for direct camera view without OSD info (monitor NOT included)
Mount for TriPod
Mount for SmartPhone or Tablet (optional)
Built in Lanyard point.
Only your imagination sets the limits.
Anything you can mount on a tripod, you can mount on the LifThor RC PRO Utility bracket!

FREE Lanyard included
FREE protection bag for the LifThor SC Pro


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